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What you need to know

We defend all types of criminal charges. Many of our clients are teachers, nurses, lawyers, business owners, and other professionals. We’ve defended all types of charges, from fraud, to drug offences, to sexual assault, all the way to murder. We have also argued dozens of appeals at the Ontario Court of Appeal, and we regularly fight for our clients at the Supreme Court of Canada.

When do you need a criminal defence lawyer?

You need a criminal lawyer as soon as the police begin an investigation. We see so many mistakes that people make in how they respond to the police before they get a lawyer, and the damage sometimes can’t be undone. We will help you decide whether to speak to the police, prepare for the process of being arrested, and ensure you have a plan in place to get bail as quickly as possible.


How do I get bail after I’ve been arrested?

If you’ve been arrested, the police will take you to court for a bail hearing. This is one of the most important things that will happen in your case, and you need to have a lawyer by your side fighting for your rights. Even if you are released, the court will put conditions on you that can be crippling and that can make it hard for you and your family to live a normal life. We fight to get our clients released, and to get them released on conditions that are fair.

What do I do if the police are going to arrest me?

If you believe you might be arrested for an offence, you need to hire a lawyer immediately. We can help you arrange a time for you to go to the police station so that the police do not show up at your house or at your place of work. We will put together a plan to get you released on
bail as quickly as possible, and will work to ensure that you go to court from the police station quickly so that you do not end up stuck in jail overnight.

How do I defend myself at a trial?

If your case is headed toward a trial, you need to have a great lawyer at your side. We have defended countless trials for our clients and have achieved outstanding results. You need a lawyer that spends the time with you to understand the case and the defences, who puts in the time to do their own investigation to dig up crucial evidence, and who spends the hours upon hours it takes to prepare effective cross-examinations of the Crown’s witnesses. A trial is a battle unlike anything you’ve experienced before, and we will help get you through it.

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