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What you need to know:

When do I need a criminal lawyer?

You need a criminal lawyer as soon as the police begin an investigation. We see so many mistakes that people make in how they respond to the police before they get a lawyer, and the damage sometimes can’t be undone. We will help you decide whether to speak to the police, prepare for the process of being arrested, and ensure you have a plan in place to get bail as quickly as possible.

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Regulatory Law &
Professional Discipline

We represent professionals who are facing questions, investigations, or disciplinary proceedings with their regulators. Many of our clients are lawyers, because they know that they can trust us to give them the best advice and representation.

These are some of the types of professionals we represent:






Massage Therapists







What you need to know:

When do I need a regulatory lawyer?

Regulators receive complaints and inquiries from the public. In response, they conduct investigations. They may want to speak to you as a witness or as the subject of an investigation. You may be under a duty to cooperate. You need a lawyer as soon as your regulator contacts you about an issue they may be looking into. Your licence or your ability to work is too important to leave to chance.

What can my regulatory lawyer do for me?

Before a case is sent to a discipline hearing, you will have a chance to respond. We will help you
through this process and give you the best chance of having an issue or complaint disposed of. We also help our clients negotiate settlements and resolutions that help conclude cases quickly and ensure our clients can keep working. If the case is going to proceed to a disciplinary hearing, we have extensive experience conducting these hearings and providing our clients with the best defence available.

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